2 Reasons Why Every Security Manager Needs Tactical Security Reports

@DavidSecurity here and I have one question for you: “Is your security reactive or proactive?”

If you’re like me then you would definitely say PROACTIVE, but let me explain to you why that attitude may actually be working against you.

My Quick Proactive Story…

As a United States Marine I was trained to take initiative and carry out my duties with honor, courage, and commitment. While this mindset helped me become a respected security professional it wasn’t enough…

The truth is that unless you’re receiving tactical, tailored, and tested Security Reports there’s NO WAY you can truly be PROACTIVE.

Security Fact #1: In a predictable world Security Risk Management and Asset Protection would be a STRIAGHTFOWARD process..

Question: Is the world predictable or volatile?

Security Fact# 2: We don’t live in a Predictable World!

There’s one reason for you to rely on Security Reports. To stay a step ahead. To be able to assess risk and take the proactive steps that will keep your business operating safe in a volatile world.

Mitigating Risk Through Timely Information

As a security professional I know first hand the value of having access to real-time actionable information. While serving as Security Director at the American Cooperative School of Tunis I was able to use Tactical Security Reports to help our community overcome a major security challenge.

On September 14, 2012 following attacks on the US Embassy, protesters attacked the nearby American School. The security reports in addition to other sources enable me to give clear actionable advise to the school director.

” David Santiago, the head of security at the American Cooperative School of Tunis, also indicated that Tunisian security had fallen short.”-Associated Press

Fire and smoke damage spread to 12 adjoining classrooms rendering them unsafe. The entire block was condemned. The remainder of the campus was ransacked and looted for several hours resulting in over $5.5 million in estimated damages and loss.

However, the school commenced within a few days and is now back and flourishing better than ever, thanks to rebuilding efforts from the many countries and persons involved.

Some may say that we got “lucky” on that day. Had we hesitated or failed to act who know what would’ve happened. I like to think that we were FOCUSED because we acted swiftly in large part thanks to the Actionable Security Information that enable us to make regular assessments and operational adjustments.

If you think your organization would benefit from such a service or would like to request a DEMO then please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Stay Ready…Stay Safe!-DavidSecurity

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