Disney To Stay CLOSED Indefinitely

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The Walt Disney Company’s decision to CLOSE the theme parks INDEFINITELY.

Now here’s what we now:

  • The Walt Disney Company has extended the closures of its two theme parks until “until further notice,” calling the coronavirus pandemic an “increasingly complex crisis” on Friday.
  • The initial closings of Disney World in Orlando, Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim, California were only meant to last until the end of March— but now, the parks will stay closed until further notice, according to a Disney statement, “in line with direction provided by health experts and government officials.”
  • Florida’s Orange County, where Disney World is located, was placed under a stay-at-home order Thursday. 
  • Disney has paid employees since the closures began, the company said, and hourly employees working at parks and resorts will continue to receive paychecks through mid-April.


Disney’s decision comes at a high price. The closure of every Disney theme park around the world could cost the entertainment company more than “$500 million in lost admission revenue as its global attendance takes a 11 million visitor hit due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

This is even more impact-full for Orlando as it relies heavily on Disney for revenue, visitors and much more. This quote sums it up pretty well:

“The wellbeing of Disney‘s theme parks is critical for the success of Orlando tourism and travel, a $70 billion industry that attracted a record 75 million visitors in 2018 — many of which headed through Disney parks turnstiles.”

@DavidSecurity’s take

Obviously many people are disappointment with Disney’s decision to close the parks indefinitely mainly due to personal reasons, however the decision is inline with President Trump’s announcement yesterday March 29th to “extend social distancing guidelines” to April 30th.

Additionally, the company’s theme parks in the U.S., France, Japan and China remain closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic once again highlighting that Disney is taking this serious at all levels.

What do you think?

Let me know what you think about Disney decision. Do you think it was the right decision? Will you visit Disney parks once the country opens up?

As always Stay Safe & Be Healthy!

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