U.S. offering $15 Million for the arrest of Venezuelan President…

The U.S. indicted Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for drug trafficking on Thursday, offering a $15 million reward for information leading to his arrest. Why you may ask??

Well…according to US Attorney General William Barr: “The Maduro regime is awash in corruption and criminality…while the Venezuelan people suffer, this cabal lines their pockets with drug money and the proceeds of corruption.”

The indictment against Maduro, who [IMPORTANT DETAIL TO FOLLOW..] isn’t recognized by the U.S. and dozens of other nations, marks the first against a sitting head of state since the U.S. issued charges against former Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega..[and we all saw how that turned out].

Specific Charges

The US is building a strong case against the infamous South American president. The charges allege that he is directly involve in a conspiracy involving the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

The Attorney General further stated that:

We estimate that somewhere between 200 and 250 metric tons of cocaine are shipped out of Venezuela by these routes,” Barr said, adding that the shipments were equivalent to 30 million lethal doses of drugs.

What’s Next…

$15,000,000 during a global pandemic/ economic meltdown can get people to take risky ACTION. Venezula is entering their seventh straight year of economic hardship. Additionally, local doctors warn that “this once-wealthy country has few defenses against the global coronavirus pandemic.”

These 2 factors plus the current oil price war that’s taking place don’t add well for Nicolas Maduro.

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