Hurricane Florence Tips & Insights…

Hurricane Florence is rapidly intensifying and could strike a direct and dangerous blow anywhere from the Carolinas to the Mid-Atlantic region later this week.

In this post @DavidSecurity will share:

  • Hurricane Florence impact on travel

  • 4 Tips to Survive a Hurricane or any other life challenge


Hurricane Florence impact on travel

Hurricane season, which peaks between August and late October in North America, is in full swing.  Mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for both Carolinas and Virginia. South Carolina evacuation orders affect five coastal counties. Public schools and state agencies are closed beginning Tuesday.

Cruises Impacted

Seven cruises—including Norwegian, Oceania, and Carnival ships—have been affected already, according to Cruise Critic, and most are swapping out stops in Bermuda, which won’t be hit directly by Florence but will see lots of rain September 12.


Some airlines are allowing free changes to travel plans to avoid potential hurricane-related delays and cancellations.  For example:  Delta Air Lines travel to, from, or through cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Savannah, Georgia through Sept. 16 can be rebooked for free by Sept. 20.

Check with your airlines for details.  

4 Tips to Survive a Hurricane or any other life challenge

Last year Hurricane Irma hit Florida hard but fortunately I was able to weather the storm smoothly using these 4 tips:

1. Adopt a Security Mindset

2. Stay Active & Prepare

3. Make Decisions

4. Follow Through

Let me know if I can help you overcome your Security Challenge! 

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