3 Reasons Why UK tourist numbers are UP in Tunisia…

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And today we’re looking at this headline:  UK tourist numbers to Tunisia show signs of recovery


The first signs of recovery in UK tourism to Tunisia following the 2015 terrorist attack in Sousse have emerged.  A new study of data from the Office for National Statistics revealed a 537% year-on-year rise to 19,000 visits in the first quarter of 2018.


The North African country saw the biggest increase in visitors from the UK of any country in the world, albeit numbers were still low.

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@DavidSecurity’s Perspective

So what has helped Tunisia improve their security image and thereby attract more UK tourists.  

Here are 3 key factors:

  1. Effective Tunisian Security Response:  Since the 2015 Sousse attack Tunisia (knock on wood) has NOT experienced a major attack.  More importantly Tunisian security forces have on many occasions demonstrated their effectiveness by foiling plots, disrupting cells and improving their overall security image.  
  2. FCO UK relaxed Travel Warning/Advice:  The advise went from … warning against all but essential travel to the country to deeming the majority of the country safe for travel
  3. Improved Hotel Security:  Several news reports have showcased Tunisia’s new and improved security setups at several of the major hotels.  Some of the improvements include better cooperation with local police, armed security presence, better screening and trained staff.  

The bottom line is that Tunisia has earned the right for tourists to once again see it as a prime vacation destination.  Still I agree with the US State Department’s rating of Tunisia as a Tier 2 because of the wild cards that neighboring Libya and local militants present.  

We would love to hear from you if you’ve recently visited Tunisia and how you felt about the security situation on the ground.  

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