TS Update-(Oct. 23 Incident)


Today’s incident involving the death of at least eight Tunisian policemen highlights what many analysts have already described as a serious conflict between Islamists (jihadist, terrorist, etc.) and Tunisian Security forces.

It’s no secret…the diagram below is a rough overview of the model that these “jihadist cells” are following in North Africa…but there’s more to this…


Smoke & Mirrors

In reality what we’re witnessing in Tunisia is a high stakes chess match between politicians.  The layers of deception, disinformation, and incompetence is so thick that nobody (security experts, journalist, Tunisians) knows how this will all play out.

As a result of today’s incident, here’s what we should anticipate:

  1. More protests
  2. Stronger security presence throughout Tunis
  3. More battles between security forces & jihadists
  4. A lot of political maneuvering
  5. Rumors about all sorts of scenarios

Also note that we should anticipate an increase in strikes and disruptions.

Expat Readiness

As expats we should not wait for breaking news to review our security posture.  It’s best if we remain informed, connected, and proactive.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the policemen that lost their lives today in the line of duty.

Let’s keep sharing information, networking, and helping each other as we continue our journey in Tunisia.   As always hoping for the best but prepared for challenges.



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  1. Salafis/Ansar al Shariaa didn’t kill policemen.. Exactly the opposite is true. The old “police” machine (of previous regime) continues to execute dirty plans in cooperation with ex-president supporters and very probably with foreign intelligence services, for political purposes. Although Salafis seem somewhat strange and extremist; they are from Tunisian families and live in Tunisian districts and they are Muslims as the most of Tunisian folks.. Salafis even deal friendly with Tourists and invite them to islam and sell them some items (for example in Sousse).. I expect you know that the bloody dictator ‘Zine el Abidine Ben Ali’ got training in USA and was supported by USA.. and still is…

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