TS Update-(Expats…ready for the next crisis?)

Greetings Expats,

Military clichés aside…these last few days provided us with some good training opportunities.  Specifically, we learned that accurate information is critical, networking is essential, and adaptability is the key.

Here’s how it went down…

Information:  Friday, October 25th was already shaping up to be a challenging day for us.  With an already tense environment due to the incidents that took place the previous nights and the additional security challenges; we were definitely operating on a higher level of awareness.

Then to make things more interesting, I received word about the situation in Ennasr. Located only a few miles away, I was instantly concerned.

The initial report read:  “One killed as Tunisian police clash with militants in the capital”.  To make matters worse the incident took place near the Ennasr secondary school…and then the rumor mill kicked into high gear.

The initial article posted by Al Arabiya was not only inaccurate but in my opinion irresponsible.

Networking: Fortunately within minutes, thanks to the expat security professionals network, contacts from the Tunisian security forces, and others; we were able to not only obtain accurate information but also make timely & practical adjustments to our operations.

The rumor mill had no chance…

Adaptability:  If there is one quality that expats need in order to thrive overseas its adaptability:  the ability to change to fit changed circumstances.

The next crisis…

I often get emails from expats demanding “specifics”. They state that the updates I provide are too general and they need more specifics. While I appreciate each email I receive I have to remind my “specifics subscribers” that security information by its very nature has to remain general and somewhat ambiguous.

That being said here’s something to consider: *Tunisia may experience another crisis situation within the next 4 weeks and expats should be aware of the sensitive time ahead.

Crisis Situation:  A circumstance or event that is a surprise to decision makers, that evokes a sense of threat (particularly physical peril), and that must be responded to within a limited amount of time.

Informed vs. Reactive

Organizations that continue to value security will easily overcome the security challenges ahead. Expats that remain informed, connected, and engaged will find it much easier to avoid the menacing winds of the rumor mills.

I feel very fortunate to have access to a dynamic network of security professionals and work for an organization that values security.

Let’s stay connected and continue to share information as we make our way through these next 4 weeks.  

2 responses to “TS Update-(Expats…ready for the next crisis?)”

  1. Sure there’s a crisis in Tunisia essentially because of the incompetence of Ennahdha guys in the govenment who’re unable to do what it’s expecting from them .There’s also a disput between political partis from different sides along with their affiliats in non governemtal organizations who’re usually against the principal parti in the country .We’ll wait & see what will happen in the next close future because with the coming government the security situation will get stable to allow business to push the economical to move & occupation will be given to the production not to set in& strikes .I think that in the next month & more ,the country situation will be better & no new crisis to be expected.All actors will do their best to improove the social & economical situation which will improove automatically the security & it will be easyer to strike terrorists from several sides which will reduce its impact

  2. the national dialogue has come to a dead end today and the different parts exchanged accusations of being stubborn and not making compromise ! and many of them accused the other side of being responsible for “what may occur in the next day” … everyone here feels that “what willo occur” is a terroristic attack, people are worried, and statements of accusation from both sides have already been written !

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