TS Update-(October 23rd..what’s next?)

Greetings Expats,

With the exception of a minor earthquake on Friday, I have to say that this has been the best October weather I’ve experienced in Tunisia over the past seven years.

Security Paradox

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As I was having dinner with my family at a beautiful hotel resort in Sousse, I couldn’t help but notice the paradox.  On one hand I was receiving messages flashing:  “Tunisia security forces kill nine “Islamists“,  and “Tunisia leaders evicted from police memorial“…etc.  Meanwhile I witnessed hundreds of smiling tourist exploring Sousse without a care in the world.

In fact I know many expats had a wonderful time traveling throughout Tunisia during eid break.


Situation Update

The “dialogue process” is going to begin on October 23rd.  Ambitious goals include:

  • Finishing the constitution
  • Resignation of current government…replaced by a technocratic government
  • New election dates

Escalation of incidents

Even with the Eid celebrations, political “progress”, and increased security throughout the country:

Challenges Ahead

The dynamics stated above along with other important factors such as noticeable internal divisions and the situation in Libya are more than enough to make many security analysts think that the situation is in Tunisia is on the verge entering a more challenging phase.

While there are many who believe that even if setbacks arise, they will only be minor challenges for a country destined to reach its democratic dreams.  Security professionals are not paid to be optimistic and that is why many are advising their expats to take extra precautions especially during the next few weeks.

“Extra Precautions?”…simple & practical  

Question:  Why do security professionals always offer the same advise? Answer:  Because most people only care when it’s too late.

Taking extra precaution is simple and trust me…you won’t look funny doing it:

Situational Awareness-Pay attention to your surroundings.

Informational Awareness-Ensure you are reviewing the situation on a continuous basis and avoid the “I rather not know…” group.

Setup Review-Review your residential setup.

Feel free to download a simple checklist that I created.  Please feel free to email me if you have any ideas on how to make this document better.







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  1. guide du patrimoine Avatar
    guide du patrimoine

    Check list ! Yes OK That’s deing concrete at last !

  2. Salafis/Ansar al Shariaa didn’t kill policemen.. Exactly the opposite is true. The old “police” machine (of previous regime) continues to execute dirty plans in cooperation with ex-president supporters and very probably with foreign intelligence services, for political purposes. Although Salafis seem somewhat strange and extremist; they are from Tunisian families and live in Tunisian districts and they are Muslims as the most of Tunisian folks.. Salafis even deal friendly with Tourists and invite them to islam.. I expect you know that the bloody dictator ‘Zine el Abidine Ben Ali’ got training in USA and was supported by USA.. and still is…

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