TS Update-(Regional Awareness Oct. 13-17th)

Greetings Expats,

I hope everyone is doing well and managing ways to enjoy this great “fall” weather.

OK..now for the interesting part.  So I was looking over the situation, reviewing my notes, and discussing various issues (Libya, dialogue process, Eid, etc.) with local contacts…and I have to say that things are getting interesting.

Here’s what I know…

1.  The dialogue process in Tunisia is more fragile than the media would have you know.

A google news search on the dialogue political process is mostly sunshine and jasmines…but talk to any savvy political person on the ground and they will tell you that:  a.  there are many variables b. the time constrains & ambitous goals make the process very challenging

2.  Tunisian military & police are on “high alert”

Libya is not just another distant battle field, what happens in Libya matters in Tunisia.  It has been well noted that “deep chaos and lawlessness” have gripped Libya and Tunisian authorities are concerned about the spill over.

3.  Many multinationals and embassies in the region are taking extra precautions during the October13th-17th period due to the increase risk in Libya.

On October 9, the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli issued a security message to Americans in Libya “reminding the need for caution, and announcing plans to restrict personnel movement to “essential” travel only and closure of the embassy during U.S.”  Other multinationals have followed suit with their own warnings & operational adjustments.

4.  As Expats we have to rise our awareness for the next coming weeks

Busy week ahead with October 14, being the Day of Arafat; and October 15-17th Eid ul Adha (Feast of Sacrifice).  Traditionally these days are very peaceful and positive in Tunisia, but due to the above stated challenges we have to make sure that we remain informed & engaged.

Enjoy your break if you’re traveling…and as always let’s continue to stay in touch.




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  1. …”sunshine and jasmines”! LOVE IT!

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