TS Update-(Expat Awareness)

Greetings Expats,

The ripple effects of the Middle East are arriving in Tunisia.  Today “several hundred citizens and politicians and members of civil society marched in Avenue Habib Bourguiba to denounce the latest Israeli attack in Syria.”-Tunis Numerique

Expat Awareness

This incident along with the developing situation in Kasserine and the current challenging political environment underscores why it is important for expats to remain informed on both local as well as geopolitics

Stay informed with effective streams of information:

  • Community connection: Causal conversation with your Tunisian friends and colleagues will not only keep you informed but also allow you to learn more about issues that aren’t covered on the news.  
  • Online sources:  Of course there are a variety of websites with informative updates and helpful information such as TunisiaLive.
  • Security focused sources:  Feel free to subscribe to the Tunisia Security Update and check out our Facebook Page as well to receive all our updates.

Feel free to share additional sources and let’s keep sharing information.


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