TS Update-(May 9th Update)

Greetings Expats,

Interesting times here in Tunisia.  As a security coordinator I get my information from 4 primary channels.  

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  1. Open sources:  Publicly available information such media, web-based communities, public data, etc. 
  2. Professional Network:  I am fortunate to network with many expat security professionals and local security contacts.  
  3. Commercial security updates:  Companies that provide more comprehensive & in-depth analysis.  
  4. Friends & family:  I am lucky enough to know a wide variety of informed co-workers, friends, and family members

A simple search on google news is enough to keep a security coordinator concerned about the developments in Tunisia.  While some headlines are positive the challenges far outweigh the breakthroughs.  

In addition to the basic google news search I am also receiving a lot of concerning information through other trusted sources.  

Top 3 Concerns

Political uncertainty:  

The fight for power in Tunisia is in full swing, and the country could go in one of two directions: Toward democracy with a clear separation between religion and politics, or to a theocracy governed by Shariah law.“-Read Full Article 

Economic challenges 

There is an urgent need to start a national dialogue among representatives from civil society organization, trade unions, employers, workers in the informal sector and the unemployed to reach a new social contract that accommodates the economic effects of public policy and recognizes the importance of property rights, competition, and fighting corruption in driving growth and creating jobs.“-Read Full Article

Security Breakdown 

“The hunt for al-Qaida-linked militants in a mountainous region near Tunisia’s borders with Algeria in recent days has raised alarm that the birthplace of the Arab Spring has become the latest battleground for violent jihadis.”-Read Full Article


Bottom line for Expats

The bottom line is that Tunisia is still going through a major transition and Expats can not afford to remain uninformed.  Awareness frees us from panic & unnecessary stress and  empowers us to thrive in our host country.   

The developments in Kasserine will have wider implications throughout the country.  As a result we may see more and more political discord which will affect different sectors of the government.  

Alaya Allani, an expert on North African Islamist movements has good advise for Expats:  “For now the warning light is orange but it risks turning red if the appropriate measures are not taken.”  

By staying informed & engaged with our community we can continue to not only live here safely but also enjoy the full expat experience.   







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