TS Update-(KASSERINE Border Travel)

Greetings Expats,

I hope you are all enjoying Mayday Labor Day.  I wanted to share some information regarding the recent incident in Kasserine.  

Located in west-central Tunisia on the frontier with Algeria

Located in west-central Tunisia on the frontier with Algeria.

Expat Awareness

KASSERINE, Tunisia: “A land mine explosion seriously wounded two members of Tunisia’s national guard on Monday as they pursued a group of armed Islamists near the Algerian border, the interior minister said.”-DailyStar

Traveling to the Algerian border

The Australian government website is usually more cautious and offers specific advise regarding traveling to areas near the Algerian border.

“You should avoid travel in remote areas. We recommend you use a reputable tour operator for any travel into desert areas of Tunisia, especially near the Algerian border…”-(Read More)

As Expats with the right awareness & attitude we can easily avoid the negatives and enjoy (as Kate shows us in the video below) the positive side of this beautiful mediterranean country.

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