TS Update-(Preparedness Feb 12-15th)

Greetings Expats,

First I would like to say that I am both honored & humbled by the emails I’ve received.  Thank you for allowing me to share these updates with you and let’s keep the positive flow of information going.

And now back to the news…

See if you can solve this riddle:

Part 1:  “To avoid chaos, Tunisia needs stability before democracy…a viable way for Tunisia to obtain stability is to install a technocratic, caretaker government”. Source:    Wafa Ben Hassine is a Tunisian human rights advocate, writer, and law student.

Part 2:  The conservative wing in Enhanada and it’s salafists allies have stated that they are totally against a technocratic/caretaker government.  Additionally, some have gone as far as to state that they would violently resist such a move.  “The harm of (making political concessions) will not just rebound on it but also on Islam as a religion. We stress that we will never hand over the country to the boys of France and the West, even if that costs us our lives,”-Source:  AFP Tunisia Salafist chief warns Ennahda against compromise

Challenges Ahead

The opposition will not ease the pressure and people want a viable political solution.

There is a huge difference between panic and preparedness.  Whereas panic is the result of being uninformed & complacent, preparedness is about being informed & prepared.

Preparedness is the way to go…

There is a chance of a great compromise happening this week and things may go smoothly, but as Expats we can be assured that there will be security challenges in Tunisia for a while.

The four main areas you should cover in your security setup are:


  • Security:    Think in terms of your residence and your setup.
  • Essentials:  Think 3 day supply of food and water.
  • Mobility:     Think transportation and in a worst case scenario evacuation.
  • Communication:   Think about how you can communicate with the your friends, family, co-workers….etc.

Let’s keep the information flow going.  Please feel free to comment on this post or email me.  For more rapid updates check us out on our Facebook Page at Tunisia Security Update or Twitter @DavidSecurity.

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