TS Update-(Political Crisis..Expat Awareness)

Greetings Expats,

We need to get ready for a challenging week ahead and the best way we can do this is by remaining vigilant, informed, and prepared.

What to expect in the days ahead?

  • Political Instability: 

As a well written article on dawn.com stated:

“Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali’s gamble on forming a new cabinet of technocrats in defiance of his religious party after the murder of an opposition leader has left Tunisia in political limbo, with possible resignations from the government.”

Expat Security Tip:  Make sure you remain informed and up to date on the political situation in Tunisia, especially during these next 2 weeks.  

  • Targeted Attacks:

It should be noted that the late Chokri Belaid was not the only high profile person to receive death threats.  Other politicians, reporters, celebrities, and out spoken personalities have been threatened and or physically assaulted

Expat Security Tip:  Keep in mind that another high profile assassination or even attempted assassination would trigger massive demonstration and possible violent rioting.  

  • Embolden Criminality:

Criminals may read political instability as an opportunity to increase their activities.

Expat Security Tip:  Continue to use a high decree of situational awareness.  Simply be aware of your surroundings and move with a sense of purpose.  

  • Rumor madness 

For the next two weeks get ready to hear all sorts of rumors.  From military coup d’état to foreign government intervention.  Social media outlets will be pumping out a lot of unconfirmed information.

Expat Security Tip:  Make sure you have a wide information network composing of friends, family, various media sites, and personal blogs such as the Tunisia Security Update.  

Adapt & Overcome

Awareness & Avoidance continue to be our best security tools in Tunisia.  Let’s continue to share information and stay connected during these challenging times.  


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