TS Update-(Setup for Friday 15th & Saturday 16th)

Greetings Expats,

Today we had our monthly Expat Security Professionals Meeting. This group is made up of security professionals from various fields all committed to networking for the purposes of keeping Expats safe & informed.

We had a very productive meeting this morning and I wanted to share some key points with you:

Friday, February 15th

 Security professionals agreed that we should implement the following measures
A.  Limit movements between 1:30pm-5pm.  B.  Avoid the downtown area  C.  Monitor the situation D. Avoid Protests
Situational Awareness:  Several wild cards can significantly alter the flow of events tomorrow:  Political announcements, rumors, criminal activities…
Saturday, Feb 16th
Security professionals recommend the following:
A.  Avoid downtown B. Ensure you are able to communicate C.  Monitor Situation closely D. Avoid Protests
Situational Awareness:  Ennahda protest/rally/demonstration/etc..” set for Saturday from 1:30 to 4 pm.
More info Ennahda Protest (In French)
Additional Notes to Consider…
Crime Sweep:  Several sources have confirmed that Tunisian Security Forces are conducting a “crime sweep” during the night hours.  We should see more police check points and a stronger security presence at night.
Stay Informed
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