TS Update-(Expat Security Professionals…time to unite)

Every great tragedy presents us with opportunities to make things better.  We are more inspired, motivated, and determined to make our security team at the American Cooperative School of Tunis better and stronger than ever.   

With that in mind, I would like to ask every Expat Security Professional to email me if they are interested in participating in a “Security Professional Gathering”.  

September 14th proved that beyond contingency plans and physical security; intelligence is the key.  Having access to relevant and up to date information is critical.  The time for expat security coordinators, managers, directors, to come together is NOW.  

Please email me at:  dsantiago@acst.net  

Knowledge is power…information is critical…collaboration is essential.  


Published by DavidSecurity

A Security Professional helping International organizations and travelers THRIVE Safely.

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