TS Update-(A New Tunisia)

Expats …take a deep breath.  We are still in Tunis.  Burogiba‘s generals are still in charge.  Once they responded to the situation at the US embassy and the American school; order was restored.

The problem is that security has been politicized in Tunisia. On September 14th the military once again made a statement:  Tunisian security forces can not deal with this new threat.

There is a group, which are loosely called salafists trying to make a name for themselves.  They are being used by various political organizations who are trying to position themselves for the elections that will take place during the Spring of 2013.

Tunisia is transitioning from dictatorship to democracy…it won’t be easy.

But we are still in Tunisia. 

Is Tunisia more conservative?  Yes.  Is petty crime on the rise?  Yes.  Is it less safe for Expats?  Yes.  Can Expats continue to live and thrive in Tunisia?  Yes, if they learn to adjust…

Adjust & Overcome

What do all these cities have in common?  Caracas, Venezula… Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…Bogota, Colombia…Guatemala City, Guatemala….Cape Town, South Africa…

They are all beautiful destinations, with vibrant Expat communities and a far higher crime rate than Tunisia.  Also, they are all on the 2012 top 10 most dangerous cities list.  In all of these cities Expats find ways not only to live but also to thrive.  Expats find ways to address their security concerns and explore all of these beautiful cities.

Tunisia is not even close to making this list…and driving continues to be the number one hazard for visitors.  Still, there is no doubt that the landscape has changed.  There is a conservative shift that Expats need to recognize.  Tunisia is going through a major transition which means that we need to stay informed and aware of what’s happening on the ground.

A choice…

We have a choice…we can choose to live here or we can choose to move on.  We can choose to live in fear or we can unite.  We can choose to complain about security or we can improve it by keeping each other informed.

As Expats we can not afford to outsource our security.  We can not afford to simply rely on the authorities…living in limbo is not an option.

Good Intel is the Key

Good information is the key.  You don’t have to worry about 1001 scenarios if you have good sources.  You don’t have to live in fear if you can trust your community, network, and information.

Now is the time to make sure that you have access to reliable information…if you don’t…do whatever you need to do to change that.

Subscribe to a blog you can trust…have good conversations with friends and neighbors…and commit to making your personal security a priority.

Remember we are here of our own free and we don’t want to simply survive…we are here to thrive…let’s keep the good information flowing and continue to live vibrant & colorful Expat Adventures.


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