TS Update-(Progress…and looking ahead)

First I would like to say thank you for all the kind emails and support that I’ve received from the entire Expat community.  The American school is more united and determined than ever and we will not allow thugs and criminals to prevent us from providing the Expat community with a safe & dynamic place to learn.

Please excuse my short postings, as time goes on I hope to be able to share more insightful information.  While experiencing the chaos on September 14 I vowed that if I survived I would do everything that I could to provide expats  with useful & empowering information.

Although I know that sometimes I will sound like an alarmist…I rather be safe than sorry.

Blessing or Curse

September 14 may prove to be a blessing for Tunisia or the final chapter of the democracy project”.  If the Tunisian authorities decide to put politics aside and focus on security, history will prove that September 14 was the turning point for Tunisia.

On the other hand September 14 could be just a preview of an even greater challenge.  It’s no secret that analysts were anticipating challenges during the month of October.  With the constitution deadline  (October 23rd) and growing salafists problem; the consensus was that things would heat up in October.

And then the clip from hell was released…

What’s frustrating is that we know that the Tunisian security forces have the necessary tools to deal with the current security challenge.  We know that with the right intelligence gathering (i.e. hateful sermons at the mosques) and basic  preventative actions (i.e. 360 coverage of the US embassy)…if they had just done the basics…September 14th does not happen.

But it did happen…

Caution & Awareness

Expats do not take the current situation lightly.  It is very important that you continue to review your personal security both on the road and at home.  One of the most important lessons we learned on September 14th is that information is critical.

The right information will empower you to make the right decision which will save from being in the wrong situation.  Make sure your electronic, social, and community information channels are providing you with good, reliable, and practical information.

We should never forget 9/14 and use it as a reminder to always put our personal safety first…

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  1. Small mistake:
    Not sure if you meant What’s frustrating is that we now know that the Tunisian security… Or What’s frustrating is that we know that the Tunisian security…

    1. Thanks Ahmed…not much sleep these days…thanks for looking out.

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