TS Update-(September 14…don’t forget it)

Conspiracy theories aside…September 14th showed me one very important lesson:  At a moment’s notice the “powers that be” can mobilize a viscous and very dangerous mob.  I am 100% certain that the spectacle we witnessed at the American embassy was planned and approved.   I refuse to be politically correct…nobody has the right to play with our lives.

OK…now that I got that out of my system…let’s proceed to some analysis:

What went wrong? 

Tunisia’s Ruling Party Condemns US Embassy Attacks —Source:  ABC news

According to the AP story:  “Tunisia’s governing moderate Islamist party condemned the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tunis and the neighboring American school, saying Saturday that such violence threatens the country’s progress toward democracy after decades of dictatorship.”

While the recognition and apology are appreciated; they are too little too late.  Anybody with even a little experience in security knows that the real planning is done before the event.

It was very alarming to hear directly from a colleague that on Friday September 14th, the Iman (Muslim preacher) was actually encouraging violence.  In fact, the message was so hateful that at one point he stated that he wanted to “leave the Friday prayer session”.  If you know anything about these Friday sermons you know that they are scripted and deliberate.

As I watched a young girl walk on the US embassy perimeter wall with a “salafist flag” these are the two words that kept ringing in my mind:  Scripted & Deliberate.

Positive Note

We’ve been informed that over 40 criminals have been arrested in the Laouina area (American School neighborhood).  Talking with an officer today that presented himself as a supervisor in the Tunisian “anti-terriosim” unit, I saw a look that told me he knew they dropped the ball.  It was a look that said:  “hey we messed up…how can we help now?”

According to the Interior ministry (the same people that said only 500  people would attend a peaceful protest in front of the embassy)   75  people that took part in the embassy protest have been arrested.

Better late than never they say.
Let’s continue to share information and stay informed.  




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  1. David, Two comments on these staged attacks: (1) On the bright side, we know for sure a for a long tile that the Government is unwilling to fulfill its obligation to protect foreigners and expatriate; we will have to amemd our security posture in accordance to this sustanaible shortcoming; (2) On the dark side, we are T the very beginning of the story. We only captured the 60 pixels image out of a 6 million pixels in the country. Bottom line what we don’t know about this country is more dangerous than what we know. cheers, Francois. ________________________________________

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