TS Update-(June 15 Progress)

Lots of positive developments have taken place that may lead to a better than expected Friday.  The key decision on the part of the Tunisian government to expressively ban marches that were scheduled to take place today is a big positive step forward in terms of minimizing any risk of possible violence throughout the country.  


Still the question remains: Will the “salafists” back down…or will they challenge the State?  The picture on the right is a great snap shot of why this is such a complicated question.  Security coordinators have quickly learned that the term salafists is simply an “umbrella term” for a coalition of troublemakers.  

Wait & See Approach

The best approach for Expats is to simply wait and see.  After today things can definitely head in the right direction…or as we all know…it can easily go downhill.  Either way we need to keep our eyes open (situational awareness) and our information flowing (community connection). 

Stay safe…and feel free to send us feedback…let us know what’s going on around your area. 


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