TS Update-(Good Training)

Good job on all the Expats out there who pulled together and made the necessary adjustments to continue their normal colorful lives while at the same time acknowledging the serious security situation we have before us.  Although the  grand Friday did not materialized, at least we were able to benefit from the experience of going through these last few days.

Successful 1st Half

It appears that the first half of this much anticipated Friday will come to a successful end, but we will continue to monitor how the night will unfold, and what if any impact the curfew will have.  Last night there was a wedding in my neighborhood well after the curfew and the feeling in the air was festive.

One thing is for sure, if the day ends with no incidents we can honestly say that the situation has taken a turn towards the better.

We’ll keep cheering for Tunisia and empowering Expats with practical security information. 


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