TS Update-(Independence Action)

During the Spring Break I promised myself that I would “cut back” from all the security information and simply enjoy the week, but there’s so much going on that it’s close to impossible to cut back.  Besides, I love this stuff!

I find the times we’re living in so interesting and like an enthusiastic storm chaser; I find myself in the middle of a very interesting storm.

56th Independence anniversary

Downtown would normally be pretty busy tomorrow, but with the added fury between salafists and secularists things could get a little more interesting than normal…or as Tunisians say “mouch normale”.

Starting as early as 11am, protesters from different groups and walks of life will gather downtown for many reasons.  The major demonstration will come from those who oppose the Shariaa law as the foundation of the Tunisian constitution. 

I wonder how the salafists feel about that?

On the Road…

We’ve been on the road a lot these past few days and things look good out here, but there is a hint of suspense.  Indeed the debate between salafists and secularists is heating up right in time for the warm weather.

Let’s hope cool heads prevail and things continue to go as smooth as the weather has these past few days.


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