TS Update-(Spring Break Tunisia 2012)

I wanted to share a few travel tips for those of you staying in country over the break.  The weather is getting better and thankfully tourism is picking back up.  Still, Situational Awareness remains your best security tool because of the unpredictability of social tensions and demonstrations.  Additionally, it is a good practice to visit touristic sties (especially in the south) with an approved local guide or reputable tour operator.

There is still a high security risk in the southern Tunisia/Algeria border and we would recommend that you avoid these areas if possible.  If you are planning on visiting certain desert areas bordering Algeria you need to do a lot of prep work before you go down there.  This includes seeking permission from the Tunisian authorities and coordinating with licensed guides.

That being said I just have to add this comment… Tunisia is a beautiful country with so much to see (especially when the weather is good), so why would a visitor want to visit the Tunisian/Algerian border, especially their military zones…you would be surprised!


The relationship between the tourism industry and the security field is a good barometer of how things are going.  In response to the question as to way European tourist are preferring to visit other destinations such as the Canary Islands, the Caribbean or the Maldives, the Tunisian tourism minster, Mr. Elyes Fakhfakh goes straight to the point:  “We understand that (challenge) perfectly. We have to reassure them that Tunisia is safe”. 

Wahid Ibrahim, former CEO of the Tunisian National Tourism Board (ONTT), highlights the point even better:  “Tourism is the engine of economic and social development. However, to ensure its durability Tunisia today needs security and peace…
Top 5 Tunisia Road Trip Points

5.  Pre-Plan…Pre-Plan…Pre Plan:  Did we mention you should pre-plan?  Yes pre planning your trip will save you from a lot of unwanted surprises. 

4.  Stay Updated:  Before you get on the road make sure you check your “intel sources”…(Tunisia Security Update…DavidSecurity Twitter…Tunisia Live…neighbors…etc)

3.  Vehicle Check:  Make sure your papers are in order, stickers are updated, and your vehicle is good to go!

2.  Avoid “hot spots”:  Sure the Algerian border is probably very beautiful to see at night but do you really need to see it in person???

1.  Drive Safely:  Driving continues to be the number safety concern in Tunisia…stay vigilant, respect traffic laws, and drive safely. 


Enjoy your break…have fun & be safe!




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  1. I agree with David. I am in tourism and based in Djerba, Tunisia. The south is a must visit when in country. As a foreigner, I see so many people coming out here to enjoy the safety and the unique nature of this country. Again, David is correct, to enjoy with open eyes. Alan

    1. Thanks for the feedback Alan. I hope things continue to go well.

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