TS Update-(Good Day)

Yesterday thousands of Tunisians sent a powerful message to those who are calling for division and extremism.  “”Tunisia is free, no to the Caliphate and backwards mind” read one of many such signs.

It was also a powerful message to Expats.  There should be no doubt that the majority of Tunisians are for pluralism and freedom.  The Expat community thrives in a pluralistic, accepting, and open environment.  Usually, the host country benefits greatly from this energy of diversity and inclusion.  As an Expat, it’s nice to hear the Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki, wisely advise people to “live together despite their differences”.  The president’s words are the foundation for a vibrant Expat community.


It will be interesting to see what (if any) reaction will take place on Friday.  Will the salafists feel the need to assemble a counter protest?  Usually, major protests take place after Friday’s prayer from 2pm-5pm.  Good information to know if you are planning on being on the road during these times.

Good Advice

The president also gave Tunisians the best security advise available: “be vigilant against extremism from wherever it comes and preserve a civil state based on pluralism, democracy and fundamental freedoms.”

These words fuel the engines of security and civility which in turn make living in Tunisia safer.  A safe Tunisia equals a better place for Expats to live, explore, and thrive.



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