TS Update-(Ready for Spring)

If we could pick one headline that summarizes the current state of security in Tunisia we would choose this one: “Confrontation in Tunisia possible but not inevitable.”  The article from which this headline was taken does a good job of analyzing the struggle that is taking place between “the ruling Islamist movement and the participating civil movement”.  This struggle although healthy in nature, has the potential to get negative. Right now, the International community is betting that the struggle will give birth to a positive model for others to follow.

Which way will it go?

Related to this question, Secretary Clinton stated that “Tunisia has the chance to answer that question in the affirmative and to demonstrate there is no contradiction … and that means not just talking about tolerance and pluralism, but living it.”  As Expats it doesn’t  get more exciting than this…in the middle of history in the making.

Of course we don’t mind witnessing history, as long as we can remain safe and enjoy the many great things that Tunisia has to offer.  Spring will offer us this opportunity because as the political action picks up the weather will get better. 

Expat Compass

During this “in-between” time you need to make sure your “expat compass” is properly aligned.  Make sure you’re up to date on the 3 keys of compass alignment:

  • Situational Awareness:  There is a wise security saying, “If it’s in the news…then don’t worry about it.”  News by definition is novel, information not previously known, etc.  Instead of news go far Analysis.  Try to see the big picture so that you’re always a few steps ahead of the “mob”.
  • Community Connection:  The best security plan is one that involves not only knowing your neighborhood but forming some connections with those around you.
  • Personal Safety:  Remember the crime triangle, Opportunity-Skill-Desire…you always have the power to eliminate the most important one.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone for all the positive feedback.  We love to hear from everyone and it is good to know that people are finding this information useful.  Please feel free to leave a comment, send an email,  connect with us via Twitter…whatever…the point is to keep the conversation going and work together in this journey.

Stay safe out there and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

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