TS Update-(Friday Protests-Update)

It’s turning out to be yet another busy Friday.  A couple of protests are taking place today. (1) Protest downtown  (2) We are still monitoring the other and will post details once we have confirmed it.

(1)  It’s called the Million people march for Tunisia. The purpose is to “unite to build our country, unite for the good of our people, unite to stop those who want to make the Tunisian revolution a failure” (translation). Seems positive but I would avoid going downtown today. (Update:  This protest (poster on the left) did not materialize), as expected but there were several gatherings downtown.

(2) Salafists protest in front of U.S. embassy.  (Update)

Protest In Front of US Embassy

Right now things look great out here but it’s better to be informed.  We look forward to writing some informative analysis on these new developments. 

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  1. I just came from downtown Tunis (12:30-1:20 pm) and walked along Blvd. Habib Bourguida. Happy to report that everything looked ‘normal’ – busy, crowded streets full of shoppers. Nothing was out of the ordinary except that a few shops were offering specials or discounts, something which I haven’t seen much of before.

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