TS Update-(Interesting Friday)

Fridays are always interesting.  Just last week “police used tear gas to disperse a demonstration of ultra conservative Islamists protesting against the government in the capital.”  Call me overly cautious but I don’t think it was a smart security move on the part of the Tunisian president to label the salafists as an “insignificant minority” because they now have something to prove.  That being said there are (2) other scheduled events and (1) developing story which may make February 24th a very interesting Friday.

Scheduled Events: 

  1. Tunisia is hosting a “friends of Syria” conference on Friday.  Arab, European and US diplomats are set to take part in the meeting.
  2. Possible Fuel strike on Saturday, February 25th.

The Wild Card (Developing Story)

  • Afghanistan—”Police say more than 2,000 angry Afghans are protesting the improper disposal of Qurans and other Islamic religious materials at an American air base north of Kabul.” This developing story may not have any repercussions here in Tunis, but historically these incidents have had wide-spread impacts.

The weather forecast for Friday calls for clear skies and sunny with a high of 18 degree Celsius.  Friday may well be another lovely day in this beautiful Mediterranean country.  Let’s hope for the best and be ready for any challenges.

We will continue to monitor these and other developments to provide you with practical & relevant security analysis. 

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