Hiring a freelance security content writer (Checklist)

Content writing is not exactly a new digital trend, but its reach has expanded in recent years. Even before the great digital shift of 2020, B2B companies were using digital content marketing strategies at a high rate.

In 2019, as many as 87% of B2B companies used digital content marketing to drive engagement and promote brand awareness.

The power and value of content writing can not be understated. Consistent, high-quality content writing is an invaluable way to connect brands with their consumers. 

The good news is that businesses of all sizes may now leverage the internet to obtain greater visibility than ever before. Security service providers that provide guard and patrol services and physical security integration can use content writing to improve audience engagement and retention.

The challenge is finding competent content writers that can deliver authentic and engaging security content. 

Use this checklist to avoid wasting time on writers that aren’t a good fit for your requirements:

5-step guide for hiring an optimal security content writer.

1. Know where to look

2. Ask for writing samples 

3. Conduct a tone check

4. Check past feedback

5. Setup for success

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Qualities of a strong freelance content writer

It’s scary to recruit outside help since you don’t want to harm your company’s reputation and standing. It may take some time and effort to find the proper fit, but it is possible. It is feasible to find a successful freelance content writer if you know where to look.

You want a self-starter that knows your industry and has strong research skills as well as a solid understanding of SEO. Above all else, you want someone that you can trust and collaborate with efficiently.

The good news is that these experienced article writers do exist, and they can assist your company in generating new leads. They can give credibility and worth to your blog and online material that would otherwise go undetected. They are critical to your overall success.

Hiring a freelance security content writer

Working with a skilled writer is an essential part of a successful content marketing strategy. This is especially true for the security service sector. Working with a content writer that has a strong security background and can communicate well with your target audience will make all the difference in the world!

Here are five practical steps that will help you identify and hire your ideal security content writer:

1. Know where to find qualified security writers

The best place to start is by searching freelance platforms such as UpWork and nDash. These sites contain a great selection of reputable and experienced content writers with a track record of success. This can be both good and bad, as the sheer volume of candidates can make it challenging to identify the ideal content writer. However, by following the steps below, you can narrow the candidates and determine the best match.  

2. Ask for writing samples

You can get a sense of the talent and abilities of a content writer by simply reviewing their previous work. In my opinion, they won’t be worth the money if they are not familiar with the security industry or at the very least have a base level understanding of your particular field, sector, or mission. This is because your goal should be to increase your authority and position in the market, not to jeopardy your service or reputation.

3. Conduct a tone check

When reviewing a writer’s previous work, you want to focus on tone. To put it simply, tone refers to how a writer employs specific words in a particular way to connect with the reader. Not only does tone assist in delivering data, but it also does so with an attitude. Make no mistake about it; the right tone will deliver higher engagement and motivate the reader to take further action.

4. Check past feedback

Once you’ve limited it down to a handful of freelancers you’d want to approach, go ahead and give each one a little more thought. First, examine their previous work and portfolios. Then, take the time to read their writing to see if their tone, voice, and point of view are compatible with you and your company.

5. Setup for success!

Let’s say you’ve found someone who’s a good match for you. They have a strong security background and track record of success. You’ve conducted your due diligence and they are on board with your project terms. Now you have to provide them with the information and support they need to deliver authentic and engaging content.

Final thoughts

It’s critical for your company’s success to connect with a qualified security content writer that can deliver authentic and engaging content. Find a writer who is a good fit for your requirements. Before you hire somebody new, ask yourself what your marketing and company goals are. Find a writer specializing in SEO security content if you want to provide quality content for your customers.

Make sure that your needs are precise and that you provide your writer with all the ingredients to succeed. Review these 5 steps to avoid wasting time and remember that authentic content writing is a process that requires collaboration, patience, and trust.

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