10 Examples of Actionable Security Marketing

Whether you are a security expert or a newbie, if you work in the physical security industry, you are likely to receive a lot of security marketing. In fact, in today’s security-conscious world, chances are that even if you’re not in the security field you are still seeing all types of ads about the importance of security and safety, especially if you spend time on LinkedIn and Youtube. 

If you’re on the marketing and sales side of security, how do you leverage your message to reach the right buying audience? In other words, how do you get CSO Steve to click on the link, more specifically how do you get people to take action? In this article, I’ll cover the value of actionable marketing and provide some effective examples.

What is Security Marketing?

So you are scrolling through LinkedIn and you come across a flashy post about “the benefits of thermal security cameras”. Curious, you click on the post and read about the benefits of thermal security cameras and now you want to learn more. What just happened? 

Well many things. In fact, too many to list in one single article but let’s just say that when it comes to security marketing (or any type of marketing for that matter!) there is a science and an art element that most people are not aware of. 

Security marketing is not just about getting your attention and making you click on a link (sure that’s part of it) but it is also about educating, and promoting security solutions to the right market in various ways, from print to digital. Remember that it’s more than just security cameras and keyfobs, it’s also video management systems, cloud-based systems, and much more.

What makes Security Marketing effective?

Every industry has its own unique challenges and opportunities and physical security is no different. Digital marketing can work for any business in any industry. Regardless of what your company sells, digital marketing still involves building out buyer personas to identify your audience’s needs and creating valuable online content.

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Actionable Security Marketing

At the end of the day, effective marketing is about being able to answer a pain point. It is about posting value and inspiring ACTION!

Actionable marketing focuses on getting prospects to engage with your brand and buy from your company in a transparent way that builds trust and relationships. It’s a hybrid of branding and direct marketing that works across different platforms and devices creating value for both the company and the customer.

When it comes to selecting a physical security product or service Security Directors and decision-makers are basically looking for 3 main factors before even considering clicking the “Learn More” or “Subscribe” bottoms.

I like to call these factors the 3 Ts of Actionable Security Marketing. Actionable security markeitng is

  • Trust- The issue of trust is a major factor within any industry but when it comes to life safety and security the bar is raised to another level. Before clicking on the link security decision makers need to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling that tells them “this company is legit”.
  • Technology:-Security professionals want to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. They want to feel like they’re on the cutting edge, so words and images that express technical inovation are important.
  • Time-Security decision makers are busy professionals. The chances of them clicking on a post that offers the “complete history of the manufcaturing industry” are not as good as the “top 5 security cameras for warehouses”.

By now I think we’ve covered enough of the theories and prinicples. Let’s review some examples of effective actionable security marketing.

10 Examples of Great Security Marketing

1. Axis Communications

Axis Communications digital marketing is always on point! This LinkedIn post is very effective because it starts off with an informative question. Questions are one of several rhetorical devices commonly used to drive engagement. When utilized correctly, they can be a boon to your copywriting because they inspire your audience to take action!

2. Hikvision

Hikvision video productions are on another level! I don’t really need to say much regarding how effective their thumbnail is, if you haven’t clicked on the video already, just read it one more time and if you are in the market for an IP-based video security system there is a BIG chance you are going to click it right away.

3. Honeywell

Honeywell really makes an impact with this post. They know that security professionals on LinkedIn are scrolling with a purpose. That’s why they use IMPACTFUL statistics that are sure to get a reader to slow down. More importantly, their message is backed by substance which makes you want to learn more.


FLIR is the Jason Bourne of security marketing. Their content is crafted for security professionals that want to either purchase or learn more about the latest innovations. This is especially true when it comes to thermal cameras have a strong position within the market.

5. Brivo

Brivo Earth Day post was fantastic! With the increasing environmental concerns in recent years, many organizations are now incorporating environmental issues into their content. The fact that they back their words with action is a win/win for the security community and environment.

6. Openpath

Openpath really has no competition when it comes to explaining the value of touchless solutions. This video is just one example of the many engaging content that they create regarding touchless solutions.

7. Avigilon

Avigilon (Motorola Solutions), does a great job here of using words and powerful images to generate engagement. There are so many good points to this post that I would need to write a separate article for it. Let’s just say that the words free thermal camera and act fast are not there by accident.

8. HID

HID Global does a great job with this explainer video. Explainer videos are so effective because they combine audio and visual stimulus to explain a concept in a simple and understandable way.

9. Kisi

Kisi combines the power of images and effective questioning to generate action. Various reports show that questions lead to more engagement. How much does access control cost? Very few security decision-makers will continue scrolling after reading that powerful question.

10. Bosh

Bosh delivers with this video by doing what all the previous examples did and adding extra creativity. “Imagine when you know what’s next?” The power of that question is undeniable. Everything about the thumbnail, title and video are excellent examples of actionable security marketing.


Security marketing covers a wide range of products and services, from thermal security cameras to access control installations. While the number of security manufacturers and integrators are many it all comes down to creating engaging content and then delivering as promised. 

Are you a security manufacturer or integrator? Well then we can help with authentic and actionable security content. Reach out if you want to hear more.

What new security marketing idea are you ready to try for your brand?

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