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Greetings, my name is David A. Santiago also known as @DavidSecurity and for over 15 years I’ve helped hundreds of organizations, expats, and travelers understand

Security Awareness Program:

A full spectrum Security Awareness Program covers pre-travel training, arrival safety briefing, and ongoing safety/security training for:

  • Business Travelers
  • Expat staff and their families
  • Security conscious travelers

The Challenge 

Life can change in a SPLIT second.  How can you be aware of your surroundings while at the same time have the awareness to identify potential threats? In a fast paced world, where everyday new security, health, and cyber threats are emerging, how can you go about your day in a security conscious manner?  

Answer: Being aware of one’s surroundings and identifying potential threats and dangerous situations. Think AIR! 

  • Aware
  • Inquire 

A Valuable Skill…

The bottom line is that Situational Awareness is more than just a concept, it is a skill you can learn.  A habit you can incorporate into your everyday life without appearing paranoid and ultimately it is a lense that will assist you as you seek to accomplish your mission.

Of course I can write a book on this topic but the best way to experience the power of timely information is to test our service.

Contact us for a FREE DEMO.

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