TS Update-(Expats Drive Safely)

Greetings Expats,

Security developments are gaining more attention here in Tunis.  With the recent arrest of “eight Islamists from Libya” and the ongoing deteriorating situation in Libya; the words Tunis & security are back on the front page. 

 Tunisia security forces have also stepped up their efforts in the Chaambi mountains, continuing their effective offensive against militants.  With elections slated to take place in November and campaign season starting in the summer; it’s no surprise that things are picking up.  

Focus on the road 

Even with all this, we continue to remind people that driving is our number 1 concern and your highest safety threat in Tunisia.  This week alone we’ve learned of (2) very serious bus accidents.  

This accident took place today around  around Ras Jebel with up to 45 injuries.  

Safe Driver Checklist

Here are a few tips for expat drivers in Tunis: 

  1. Make sure your vehicle paper work is good to go.  (Insurance, ID, Safety Inspection)  
  2. Drive defensively (drive with a sense of purpose)
  3. Make sure you have an insurance form (useful in minor accidents)
  4. Choose your speed (let pedestrians cross but don’t drive overly cautious as this can work against you)

Remember that driving  is your number 1 safety threat…so stay focus out there.  


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