TS Update-(Vehicle Security)

Greetings Expats,

I’ve been really focused this week on residential security and figuring out ways for expats to improve their security setup.  Before I share my next update I wanted to state that there are a lot of positive developments happening in Tunisia.  Also Tunisia is a relatively safe place especially if one compares it to near by countries or major cities.  

But here’s the problem…

Tunisian security forces currently have 3 main priorities:

Tourism, Borders, and Chaambi 

Good priorities but the problem is that local police stations are lacking resources and criminals are starting to exploit this weakness.  This is why “petty crimes”, burglaries, and car thefts are on the rise.    

Police response in local neighborhoods (especially at night) is highly unreliable. In some areas they have only one squad patrol car with a few policemen on duty.  The video below is a prime example, as a criminal calmly selects which car he wishes to break into in broad daylight.  

Vehicle Security

After watching the video you can easily take away a few tips that will help reduce the chances of your vehicle being vandalized or worse: 

  1. Don’t leave valuables visible in your vehicle. 
  2. If you have a garage…use it.
  3. Remember to change your departing times. 
  4. Consider a car alarm. 

Let’s continue to share information and remember to remain aware & engaged.



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