TS Update-(Spring Forecast)

Greetings Expats,

Recently Stratford published a very informative article entitled “Tunisia After the Arab Spring”.  The article contains several key assessments which gives us a good idea about the challenges that Tunisia may experience.

Here are the points that I highlighted while reading the article:  

  • Militant activity & public unrest will remain the biggest challenges to Tunisia’s upcoming permanent government (national elections expected before 2015).
  • 3 plus years without a permanent government + slow economic progress means we are likely to see more protests, unrest, and clashes with police.
  • Overall the risk of social unrest should remain manageable.
  • (Wildcard):  Libya’s continuing destabilization will affect Tunisia security
  • Cooperation with the United States & Algeria will work to counter the developing situation in Libya.
  • However, the occasional militant attack whether attempted or successful will become part of Tunisia’s post Arab Spring reality.

Informed & Engaged

Overall it seems like Tunisia is moving in a positive direction but there are many challenges ahead.  As expats our best friends remain information & community.  Let’s continue to network & share information.



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