TS Update-(Spring Security)

Greetings Expats,

Spring is in the air and Tunisia’s beauty is beginning to bloom.  Time to travel (smartly) and explore (safely).

Travel Advise

Expect additional checkpoints throughout the country especially if you’re traveling through the interior parts or south.  Most embassies continue to advise their nationals to avoid areas south of and including the towns of Nefta, Douz, Medenine and Zarzis, however we know that many tourist/expats are going to places like Douz and having a great time.

The key to having a safe & enjoyable time is to pre-plan & activate your security mind while exploring.

Explore with Confidence 

We will continue to see more operations such as the one that took place on Monday (17/3), where Tunisian security forces raided a house in northwest Jendouba.  It is important to remain aware of these incidents to make rapid & practical travel adjustments.

Tunisia is making great efforts to revive their tourism sector.  The ongoing stability and security improvements are definitely helping them get back to becoming the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Let’s keep sharing information and feel free to follow us on our Facebook Page or Twitter for daily updates.

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