TS Update-(Fuel Strike Update)

Good news is that many stations are working, but we could see this again in the near future so remember to keep your vehicles at good fuel levels. 
As of right now the following stations  are fully operational:  
Hedi Laâbidi, Rue de Carthage, Mohamed 5, Olympic City, the southern entrance to the capital, the Berges du Lac, Z4, Mornag Boumhel, Sidi Bou Said, Hammam Lif, Yasminat, Ennasr, Sidi Amor Boukhtiwa and Ariana.
Feel free to share your tips on getting fuel…
Let’s keep sharing information.


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4 thoughts on “TS Update-(Fuel Strike Update)

  1. The Agil station on the Gammarth Highway (GP 10?) Was open this morning before school too. I was only allowed to get 30dt of gas but that may have been before the strike was called off.
    26 801 475

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