TS Update-( Le Kram + Security Notes)

Greetings Expats,

I wanted to share some updates regarding the developing situation in Le Kram and other notes to consider as the weather gets better.

Situation in Le Kram 

During the month of March we will continue to see a heavy security presence in the city of Le Kram.  We may also see similar situations unfolding in other neighborhoods with salafists supporters.  That being the case, we will continue to see more vehicle checks & additional security in and around the Le Kram area to include La Marsa, Carthage, Sidi Daoud, and Lac.

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 1.27.00 PM
Le Kram- Attention on Ave. Mohamed 5

Travel Awareness-Avoiding hot spots 

As you make your road trip plans:  Keep in mind the neighborhoods in which salafists activities are likely: Ettadhamen, Intilaka, Jebel Lahmar, Ouradia, Raoued, Borj Chekir, and Le Kram.

Security Article Week:  “Arab Spring will fail unless Tunisia transition succeeds by John Irish on Reuters… READ ARTICLE

Security Radar- What’s next?  

It can be said that during the past 2 months, Tunisia Security Forces have been on the offensive and actively pursing militant cells throughout the country.  During the coming months this trend is likely to increase.

Additionally, during the last few days, unemployed protesters have clashed with Tunisian security forces in the central Gafsa region.  While it is true that this city is 350K south of Tunis, mass protests over the economy is something to monitor.

Driving in Tunisia-Safety First 

I’ve said it many times:  Driving remains your number one safety risk in Tunisia.  Check out this video and watch how a large size bus in Bizerte comes down the street without a driver!  As expats we see amazing things everyday on the roads in Tunis so remember to drive safely.


Click to see
Click to see


That’s it for now…remember Situational Awareness First & let’s stay connected.  

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  1. thank you 4 your information. Unfortunaly I get an error message by clicking on the video from bizerte that it´s no longer available.

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