TS Update-(December Security Update)

Greetings Expats,

So much information, theories, rumors, etc; good time to step back and assess the situation. Here’s what we know:

  1. We will see an increase security presence from now until the end of the year in response to “threats from terrorist groups targeting tourist areas during New Year’s Eve celebrations.”
  2. December 14th:  The expiration of the dialogue process.  Due to the importance of this date we anticipate various political announcements and updates in the coming days. These updates could trigger protests especially in the interior parts of the country.

3.  December 17th: This date is symbolic and it will be interesting to see what if any reaction will take place around the country.

Travel Plans

December is usually a wonderful time to visit Tunisia. The weather is great and there are many nice places to visit…but travelers should be aware of the security situation.

The UK’s foreign map & travel advise are very helpful tools for visitors that would like to get more information about the situation in Tunisia.


One response to “TS Update-(December Security Update)”

  1. I think what’s going to happen in Tunisia depends of the dead line of the dialogue,but I realy think that enahdha party took the power of the country long time ago to be also sincerly no thing is going to happen that disturb the stability of Tunisia during this month

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