TS Updates-(Lessons from Benghazi)

Greetings Expats,

All due respect to Mr. Mandela, but I have to say that I am more troubled by the death of Ronnie Smith.  A man described as a great teacher & wonderful human being that was killed in Benghazi on Thursday, December 6th while jogging.

Unlike the great Mandela, Ronnie Smith was in the prime of his teaching career trying to make a difference in a country torn by civil strife.  In Mandela we lost a great leader that has left his mark on humanity for ages.  Departing at the age of 95, Mandela’s life is filled with enough inspiration to fill a universe.

On the other hand, we will never the full potential of Ronnie Smith as his life was abruptly ended by cowards who seek to sow fear & terror.

Situational Awareness

The case of Ronnie Smith is important for all expats.  We must learn from this incident and remember to practice situational awareness.  In fact, I believe adopting a situational awareness mindset is vital for all expats living in countries with challenging security environments.

Here’s what we know and more importantly what we can learn from this tragedy:

  1. In October, Islamist Militants called for violence against Americans (Lesson:  Importance of information awareness)
  2. He was shot to death while jogging in Eastern Benghazi (Lesson:  Importance of situational awareness)
  3. He was cased & killed around his own neighborhood (Lesson:  Importance of community awareness)

Now is a great time to review your security posture and make sure your levels of awareness are practical & effective.

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  1. I realy feel sorry for Ronnie and all americans but to be honnest with you this is not the time to go teach in Lybia,because it needs more time to settle down, again I present all my sympathy to the American people

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