TS Update-(Time to Review)

Greetings Expats,

It’s been a while since my last update…(work, life, and well let’s face it Tunisia is going through a bit of a lull).

Lull:  a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity.

Top 3 Items on the Expat Radar

As the political process grinds along, here are 3 issues that expats need to have top of mind:

1.  Driving:

Before, during, and after the revolution; driving remains the number 1 safety risk in Tunisia.  Sure it’s not as bad as many other countries but in the last 3 weeks we’ve documented at least 2 fatal accidents on the La Marsa (GP 9) highway.  Pay special attention to the section of the highway in front of Carrefour as many pedestrians attempt to cross the street without basic precaution.

2.  Residential Security:

Statistics are hard to come by, but there is certainly a general perception among expats that petty crimes have increased after the revolution.  Still, Tunisia remains a relative safe place if and when people implement basic security measures.

3.  General Awareness:

As expats the strength of our security posture depends on our ability to receive and implement practical information.  A general sense of awareness means implementing basic security measures (varying routes, avoiding large crowds, and making local connections) in your everyday life.


Security analysts forecast a slow & complicated political process for Tunisia.  Throughout the process we will experience many challenges such as security incidents, strikes, and demonstrations.

Now is the time for expats to network and review their personal security setup. Let me know if you need guidance on any of 3 items discussed above.

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