TS Update-(How secure is your setup?)

Greetings Expats,

If you’ve been following the political chess match that’s been taking place in Bardo, you know that the dialogue process is not going according to plan.

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tunisialive’s diagram

Situational Awareness 

The current situation is not good for Tunisia. This state of political limbo is creating a void that only increases the risks of serious security challenges.

These challenges may come in the form of attacks against Tunisian security forces, political violence, or a similar scenario as the one that took place in Sousse.

As expats we need to be aware of this situation and take the necessary precautions so that we are prepared for the challenges ahead.

It’s all about your setup

If you’ve been following this blog then chances are that you are both aware & prepared for the challenges ahead.

The (3) areas you need to review are:Residence, Commute, and Routines.

Residence: Take a moment to review your apartment, home, etc. Mainly you’re looking to make sure that your perimeter, windows, and doors are secured. It’s not about being paranoid, it’s about peace of mind.

Commute:Remember that driving still remains the number 1 safety risk in Tunis.  Vary your routes and always use good defensive driving tactics.

Routines:  Simply put: Don’t become predictable! Avoid visiting the same cafe at the same time on the same day.  Why not check out the local fruit guy instead of going to the big & crowded market?

Informed & Engaged

We all know that with the right setup and support it is very easy to not only live in Tunisia but also connect and enjoy this colorful country.

Of course we continue to hope for the best but now more than ever we must be prepared for the challenges ahead.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam, I really hope that Tunisian situation will be sorted out soon. I lived there for 4 yrs and found it to be such a lovely country with lots to see and do. The people were always very good to me and i enjoyed Tunisia from a Historical and nature point of view ( had two one week tours into the Sahara on Camels ……..absolutley fantastic !) Its my hope and prayer that Tunisia will develop into a modern and economical leader country, and to be the envy of the rest the world !

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