TS Monday Update-Aug 26, 2013

Greetings Expats,

I hope everyone had a good weekend and found ways to enjoy the nice weather.  

Situational Awareness


A few expats have noticed that military personnel are being moved around and in some places removed altogether.  Notably in the areas of La Marsa where various military units are not to be found.  Why?….

While there are many theories floating around.  A military source stated that the military is continually assessing their setup and inevitably they have to make changes for numerous reasons to include: lack of resources, risk analysis, developing threats, counter measures..etc.   

Who knows?  But the fact that expats noticed tells me that our situational awareness is good.  

Access Control

Many expats have also noticed the extra bag checks that are taking place in big shopping areas such as Carrefour & Geant.  I personally went to Geant this weekend and found their security efficient.  

By the way, Geant has a great playground and I had a good time with my girls while my wife did some shopping.  

geant playground
Geant Playgrond-Tunis City Mall

Let’s keep are eyes open & sharing information.  Have a great week.  



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  1. i left that place with good security system and people with good knowlege that i did participate
    thks david for the greeting

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