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Greetings Expats,

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We had an informative meeting yesterday at our Expat Security Professionals forum where we discussed & analyzed the security situation in Tunisia.  

Key Discussion Items

  • Importance of obtaining accurate information and not being caught up with the media or rumor mills
  • Sensitive week ahead with Tunisia’s opposition parties launching a week of protests starting on Saturday, August 24th 
  • Awareness of events that may significantly alter the security situation:
  1. An attack by Islamist on any opposition politician or an attack in general
  2. Strong police reaction towards protests taking place this week
  3. Significant political change that does not have popular support

We also discussed the importance of Expats maintaining a practical level of situational awareness as a general precaution.  

Monitoring this week

We will monitor this week closely to see how well the alleged political deals translate both in the arena and among the general population.  

The Expat Security Professionals Network is an open forum where security professionals meet to share information & network.  If you are in the security field and feel that you can add value to our group please feel free to contact me.


As always let’s stay connected and continue to share practical & relevant information. 

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