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Greetings Expats,

It’s been a while since my last post and I hope everyone is doing well. While my day job has occupied most of my time, I’ve still managed to share many updates via our Facebook  Page & Twitter feed.  

Where we stand today

For better or worse, most headlines concerning Tunisia these days mostly concern football, economic progress, topless protesters, and other political controversies.  

During Turkish Prime Minster Erdogan’s visit we saw once again that Tunisian security forces can operate in a professional & effective manner.  At each event PM Erdogan was met by protesters but things seem to go smoothly.  

Politics aside, one can say that a certain flow has settled in Tunisia.  Tunisians are basically saying “our country is a work in progress and we want to go about this process in a civilized manner.”  Additionally, Tunisian security forces have also spoken and said “we got this”.  

As a result the various vocal (minority) salafists groups have altered their approach and the general situation has settled.  Still, the situation can change very rapidly.

Challenges Ahead

League for the Protection of the Revolution (LPR) 

Labeled as a “controversial pro Islamist militia”, the so-called League for the Protection of the Revolution (LPR)  have had their good share of headlines lately.  Currently, they are focused in a campaign to advance the controversial Protection of the Revolution bill.  Human Rights Watch has stated that the proposed law’s “provisions and procedures for exclusion amount to an unnecessary and disproportionate restriction on political rights.”

Situational Awareness:  Planned gathering Tuesday, June 18th in front of the National Constituent Assembly (Bardo)

Expat Awareness


Last night I witnessed a beautiful sunset at the Golden Tulip hotel in Gammarth.  We were saying goodbye to good friends who are moving back to California, USA.  While enjoying ourselves and discussing the situation in Tunis  I couldn’t help but wonder how bitter sweet these last few years have been in Tunis.  

Let’s keep sharing information, connecting, and working together as we continue to explore Tunisia during these times of uncertainty.  


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