TS Update-(June Challenges/Expat Awareness)

Greetings Expats,

The weather is getting better…but the security challenges in Tunis have not gone away.  I want to share some information regarding the current security situation in Tunisia and  what Expats can do to improve their personal safety setup.

From my perspective…

OK here’s the thing…during the last 2 months I’ve organized security for field trips to Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, Ghar El Melh tunisie, Testour, Manouba, Oudna, Hammett, Manouba, Raf Raf, …and other places.

At each site we received a warm welcome and great support.  No incidents…no issues (knock on wood)…no problems.

So while things are going well on the operations side (day-to-day activities)…we’re constantly receiving alarming reports which clearly indicate that we should maintain a heighten sense of security.

Press TV’s report (watch video below) is a prime example:

Situational Awareness

Durning the last few days several sources have shared enough information that indicate that Expats should take extra precaution.  While the threats are mainly focused on high profile targets, it is important that we implement the following personal safety measures:

Stratfor has a great refresher article on situational awareness with many useful tips.


“Give me specifics Dave!”

I understand that people find these updates somewhat vague and would like more specifics but here’s the thing:     1.  The information is so broad that we can not say “on this day…this will happen..etc. and 2.  So much is happening globally, regionally, and locally that we really have to take the approach of awareness, caution, and collaboration…

Let’s face it…the world is in a state of flux (Turkey!).


 Please feel free to email me any relevant questions, comments, updates.

Let’s continue to share information and work together.  

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