TS Update-(Kairouan Sunday…begins)

Greetings Expats,

Sources indicate that security forces have increased their presence along main streets and major highways throughout Tunis.  

Today in  Cité Ettadhamen
Today in Cité Ettadhamen

We have received information from our contacts & readers that indicate sporadic incidents of rioting in Cite Ettadhamen.  

Additionally, several reports indicate that some Ansar al-Sharia leaders have called on followers to meet at several different local mosque throughout Tunis.

Strategic Shift

Ansar al-Sharia seems to have shifted their strategy by having smaller gatherings throughout Tunis since they were not allowed to have their main meeting in Kairouan.  

Expat Awareness

Remember that while these gatherings present low risks to the expat community, criminals may take advantage of the situation to riot & loot.  This is why we must avoid protests and maintain good situational awareness.  

We recommend all staff to avoid the following areas:  
  • The vicinity of the Interior Ministry (downtown Tunis)
  • The parliament house in Bardo District
  • ALL Ennahda offices in Tunis as Salafist protests may be held in these locations in response to a government crackdown
Stay Updated

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