TS Update-(Kairouan Sunday)

Greetings Expats,

While I was driving back last night from the La Closeria restaurant in La Soukra…I thought to myself “what a paradox?”

On one hand my mind was buys thinking about Kairouan and the many scenarios that could play out.  Yet all around me there were people laughing, drinking, and having a merry time.

As I left the restaurant I couldn’t help noticed additional police checkpoints and military units circulating on the La Marsa highway (GP9).

Indeed Tunisia is a country at a crossroad.  

Kairouan-Sunday, May 19th

While the Tunisian government has officially banned Ansar al-Sharia’s congress in Kairouan, the group still intends on having their meeting.  This being the case something will have to give.

It is highly unlikely that Ansar al-Sharia will attempt to have a “Brave Heart” style battle against Tunisian Security forces on Sunday.  What will happen is what has already been happening namely the increased tension between ultra conservative groups and the government at large.

Expat Awareness

Violent or non-violent, Sunday’s events will not end on Sunday.  Ansar al-Sharia’s followers are mostly young, determined  and angry.  For months I’ve watched them walk around with their newly acquired beards, cargo pants, and militant looks.  If their meeting is suppressed we can be assured that they will attempt to make a statement in a more convert fashion.

Let’s keep networking & sharing information.  Here’s a brief Kairouan Update:

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