TS Update-(Blog Changes)

Greetings Expats,

It’s great to be back in Tunis and I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather.  


Blog Changes 

I’ve changed the layout of the blog with the hopes of making it more of a hub for practical and relevant security information. Our mission remains the same:  

“To provide the Expat community with practical & relevant security information.” 


We’ll continue to provide security updates by sending out TS Blog Posts.  You can also get more information by clicking on the (4) new categories on the home page:

  1. Security Reports:  Providing additional analysis…go beyond the news.
  2. Tunis Expat Community:  Sharing community events and updates.
  3. Expat Awareness:  Sharing safety & security tools & ideas.
  4. Embassy Updates:  Sharing embassy safety, security , travel updates.   

blog update

TS Podcasts 

In addition to the blog postings we’re going to provide occasional podcasts filled with insightful information.


Remember Expats, this blog is written by an Expat 4 Expats so please feel free to share your feedback.  Thank you.

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