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“Information isn’t knowledge until it is organized.”

There is SO much information available on the net but most expats don’t have the time, patience, or resources to go beyond the news to obtain helpful analysis.

While news is packaged to alarm…analysis is prepared to empower.

We use this section to share highlights from the various reports we receive for those who wish to go beyond the news.

Source:  Stratfor  Report:  Second Quarter Forecast 2013 (released)

Excerpt from Report:  It is worth noting that Tunisia was not directly mentioned in the report.  On the other hand the report stated:  “Algiers’ regional strategy will focus on trying to limit the influx of fighters from Mali, Tunisia and Libya. In addition to maintaining a heavy security presence on its borders and attempting with limited success to coordinate on security with Tunisia and Libya..”

Read more: Second Quarter Forecast 2013 | Stratfor

Source:  International Crisis Group 

Excerpt from Report:  “Political crisis partially attenuated as newly-appointed An-Nahda PM Ali Larayedh 8 Mar unveiled new govt; includes previous coalition partners Ettakatol and Congress for the Republic (CPR).”

Source:  Numbeo Report:  Cost of Living

Figures from Report:

Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent): 44.84
Rent Index: 10.25
Groceries Index: 39.88
Restaurants Index: 32.85
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: 28.19
Local Purchasing Power: 31.71

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