TS Update-(Awareness in December)

Greetings Expats,

I hope those of you who traveled during the Winter Break arrived safely to your destinations and are enjoying the winter festivities.  I was happy to see that many Expats opted to stick around and spend some of their break in  Tunis.

Sure it’s not New York City but we can’t complain about the weather…

Situational Update

Marc Champion summed it up pretty good in his Bloomberg article:   “Salafists will not rule Tunisia, and the current confusion may one day be seen as natural. But the country seems adrift.”

Here’s the range of information that I’ve received over the last week:

1.  Info:  The President and the Speaker of the National Assembly run for cover in Sidi Bouzid as rocks and tomatoes are thrown at them

2.  Info:  Confirmation of the presence of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in Tunisia.

3.  Info:  Heavy security presence in Carthage due to some undisclosed security information.

Challenges Remain

On the street you can actually feel the impatience and frustration that Tunisians are holding within due to what many perceive as slow progress.  Conversely, you can also enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds that Tunisia has to offer and be totally oblivious to “what’s happening…”

It comes down to Situational Awareness…

Make no mistakes about it, during the last few days people have been arrested and plots have been foiled, as Tunisia continues its transition.

Expat Awareness 

Informational Awareness remains the key.  Keep the informative feedback coming and we’ll keep sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and the Blog.

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