TS Update-(Now onto the 17th)

Greetings Expats,

The 13th December build up ended with the cancellation of a proposed general strike that many feared would trigger major security challenges.  It’s interesting to note that UGTT Secretary General Hussein Abassi, stated that the strike was canceled due to a “lack of security” without giving more details.

Lessons Learned from the 13th

As Expats we can take two important lessons from the 13th:

  1. The Importance of Networking:  Up until last night there were Expats still wondering if the strike was going to take place.  There was so much misinformation circulating that Expats were very confused.  Even Tunisians were unsure about the specifics of the 13th…  This underlines the value of on the ground information and the importance of building a viable network.
  2. Preview of what’s to come:  We can be sure to see many more “December 13th” scenarios where rumors and threats will circulate regarding a significant date.  The key is to “stay ahead of the events”…Situational Awareness.

Now onto the 17th

According to Security Advisers:  “There remains potential for protests and unrest on 17 December, marking the second anniversary of Mohamed Bouaziz’s self0immolation…Demonstrations could be organized by UGTT members opposed to the decision to cancel the(Dec. 13th) strike, and any such events have the potential to be disruptive.”

As always we would like to remind Expats to avoid all forms of demonstrations and political oriented gatherings.

Expat Connection

I must say that December 13th was one of the easiest challenges I’ve had to deal with since the revolution and the main reason was thanks to all of your insightful feedback.  More and more, Expats in Tunis are connecting and raising the level of security awareness.

Seasons Greetings! 


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